Good to Know: Invasive Species: What is a Round Goby?

Posted on: Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The round goby is invading Canada's Great Lakes water in the east: did you know they can lay 5,000 eggs, SIX times a year? That's a lot of goby!
They came from Eastern Europe, but in Canada they
- have more babies than local fish, making more goby
- eat the eggs of other fish, making less other fish
- eat lots of food that other animals want
Did you know that if you catch a goby you should never throw it back? You should destroy it!

Nautilus Leaks is the place to come for science dispatches from the Nautilus submarine: join Captain Nemo's science officer, Dr. N, for strange science – and this week learn about one of the invading species - the round goby. Watch the video!
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